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We lost on koth_ashville tonight, 4-1… and so ends the first season of the WestTOO Squared TF2 Highlander Team

We actually lost to one of our scrim partners, the Killer Care Bears. They’re a real sweet bunch and were really accommodating when our server was having issues, and when our mumble server crashed X_X In the end, they out-teamed us. They had clearly played the map more often and more efficiently than we did, and they definitely deserved to win. I hope they go on to win our division :)

I need to write up a thank-you message to my team. The past 15 weeks have been absolutely insane in both good and bad ways, and I’m looking forward to a relaxing pub-filled break before next season :D

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:O I nearly forgot!

Last match of the regular season: a solid 5-0 victory on cp_granary.

Personal highlight: I punched a Scout to death (in the face). So satisfying.

Next week is the start of playoffs on pl_upward. A nice large map with good sentry locations. Should be fun :)

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Victorious! 4-0 win on viaduct :) I love it when practice pays off.

Next week is the last of regular season play on cp_granary, a classic competitive map.

Some non-TF2 stuff for anyone interested?

I’m really enjoying ME3. The combat has dramatically improved, and while there may be less dialogue, I like how my party members interact with each other in the ship between missions. I’m trying really hard to stay spoiler free, as the story is such an important part of the game for me.

I recently got an app called Zombies, Run! and I would definitely recommend it :) it has managed to do for me what the gym could not: got me motivated to start running again. It uses a moderately interactive zombie apocalypse story where you’re a runner who gathers supplies and distracts zombie hordes away from the township/fort you live in. There is a lot more to the story, but that is slowly revealed to you as you complete more missions. There is also a GPS function where you are being actively chased by a mob, but I haven’t experienced that yet… still getting my running legs back.

I’m going to try to see Hunger Games sometime this week. I imagine if it stirs enough thoughts from me, I’ll be posting them here.

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Bleh, lost ctf_turbine 7-6. It was a closer match than I thought it would be, but our inexperience with ctf doomed us xD

I could elaborate more on my own failures and successes, but I slept poorly all weekend and I am too exhausted and emotional to write anything coherent. Good night, and here’s to next week: koth_viaduct!

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Tonight’s match was really frustrating. It isn’t often that Engineer plays an integral role in protecting and positioning on a map, and when that Engineer can’t manage to do anything, much less contact the team and tell them that something is wrong… ugh. I was having some severe connection issues and only got a lvl 3 sentry up once while on defense. I couldn’t get anything set up over the 3rd point because I just lost connection (and in practice we did a really good job holding 3rd, and I wasn’t there to help). I had to completely reconnect to the server. But even that didn’t make the connection better. On the last point I couldn’t move. I could hear the game and I could hear my teammates, but I was essentially floating at a snail’s stagger-pace.

Thankfully a teammate was ready to step up and take my place at half-time. Unfortunately he hasn’t had much practice time on the map (at least as Engie that I’m aware of). I’m sad we lost, but I’m glad we put up a good fight. It wasn’t a roll at all. I just feel like shit because I feel like I let my team down when we had a real fighting chance of beating this other team.

Next up is ctf_turbine_pro_b1. I’m screwed. We never play ctf maps on our usual server, and this team is a group of people who met by playing on the same server. Needless to say, this next map should be interesting…

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In pubs I want to rip my hair out because the map is just such a mess, but with organized teams Steel is actually a lot of fun. It is definitely the kind of map where practice and good communication can make or break your team, and it definitely helped us. We beat our opponents pretty solidly, 2-0.

I feel a lot better after we got crushed last week, largely in that our team did a much better job communicating and we did a much better job preparing for the match. Our caller(s) got more assertive too, which is one of the things we know we need to work on.


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